One Stop Breast Clinic

Mr McIntosh runs a one-stop breast clinic on a Thursday evening at the Ulster Independent Clinic.

A visit to the one-stop clinic involves taking a full history, related to both the current symptoms and also to background information and risk factors for breast cancer. This is followed by a breast examination, after which any further tests required can be decided upon.

The advantage of the one-stop clinic is that all necessary tests can be carried out at the initial clinic visit, with results being available on the spot. Mammography and breast ultrasound are available, and are carried out and interpreted by specialist Consultant Radiologists with an interest in breast disease. Should a biopsy be necessary, this can also be carried out at the time, and a report given by an expert Consultant Pathologist at the clinic. All members of the team also work with Mr McIntosh in his NHS practice at the Belfast City Hospital.

Mr McIntosh is also able to see and assess women who have received a letter of recall following their screening mammograms carried out at Action Cancer. If you have been recalled following Action Cancer mammograms, it’s very important that you let Action Cancer know so that they can send the mammograms on to the breast clinic. Mr McIntosh is also able to assess and treat women diagnosed with breast cancer through the National Health Service Breast Screening Programme

Most women with breast symptoms do not have a breast cancer. This means that most women can leave the one-stop clinic reassured, after only one appointment, without the need to return for results or further tests. If a lump is felt to be suspicious or worrying, then all the necessary tests can be carried out at that clinic visit so that a diagnosis can be made.

In the unlikely event that any further treatment is necessary, this can be arranged promptly at the Ulster Independent Clinic.


For an appointment, please contact:

Ulster Independent Clinic: 02890687444